Digital Post Production

Innovatively facing today’s challenges, Bolivar Films and BF-Efx® proudly presents its latest acquisition: the new DIGITAL CINEMA Suite, which offers the most advanced Film and Video transfers and the latest developments of the DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE process.

 Coming all the way from UK, our Baselight system of the Filmlight Company provides the highest quality film and video grading and color management technology. With Baselight, now it’s possible to clean and restore images handling any format and resolution, colorizing in linear and logarithmic modes with an unlimited number of layers. Baselight is used by the largest companies of the film industry, now that it makes the creative process UNLIMITED.

Coming from the same Filmlight family, we work with the Truelight system in order to guarantee the highest quality of the colors on the silver screen. Truelight is the most advanced calibration system in color precision, ensuring accuracy in monitor calibration, film recorder and final output to the screen.

Our suite allows you to appreciate all corrections in real time, both in the monitor and in the 2K digital projection.

Let us know if we can be a part of your project.
a. – Standard process (Ver)
b. - Film video process (Ver)
c. – 16mm to 35mm HD blow up

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