During the video editing process, a rough sound band is produced which a sound engineer needs to enrich and better by re-editing the original sound elements in a process known as “conforming”.

3:2 Pulldown

A 1,000 seconds short film consists of 24,000 frames. In case you need to transfer it to a 1,000 seconds NTSC color video, you will have to “fit” 24,000 frames of film in 29,970.02997 frames of video. If we use the standard NTSC black and white video (30 CPS) instead of 29.97 CPS, the conversion process of film frames to video frames is simplified, so we have 24,000 film frames converted into 30,000 video frames. In the telecine process (for NTSC color video), each remaining film frame is copied in three video fields, creating what is called the 3:2 Pulldown. The movie speed is reduced to 23,976 frames in order to match the slower speed of the color NTSC compared to the black and white NTSC. 

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