Short and feature films, TV, music, radio, sound designers, and advertisers are amongst our main sound productions services. Nevertheless, our services are directed at anybody that requires a sound studio for recording, dubbing, sound editing, folies and mixing, in Dolby®Digital SRD 5.1, music matrixes for 5.1, radio copies, and any other audio media. 

• Dailies magnetic or video transference, and synchronization.
• Creation of bands for mixing, from mono to Dolby 5.1.
• Editing and synchronization of music tracks.
• Dubbing.
• Recording and Foley editing (sound effects).
• Mixing of diverse formats.
• Optic 35mm from mono to Dolby 5.1.
• Optical negative development.
• Sound at location (Nagra/DAT)
• Playback service.
• Radio copies in various formats.
• 35 mm movie projection.
• Projections of any video format.
• Computer presentations.

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