Guillermo Villegas, was born in Caracas, Venezuela at the beginning of the century - one of the most difficult moments of this country – he had such inner passion and will since his early years, that not even the hard times stopped him from pursuing what he believed in. He was a self-taught person; he could not complete his education because he had to work from a very early age in order to improve, but he had the chance to travel, learn and prepare himself for life. He had experiences such as being news proofreader, artistic manager of his sister Carmencita in Venezuela and Colombia, theater entrepreneur for many companies in South America, Europe and the North of Africa, and he also wrote several plays. All this helped him realize what his dream was.

He returned to his dear Venezuela and used his experience to create something important and transcendent: a “Little Hollywood” in Venezuela.
He knew he would have to start from scratch, but he had a goal, so with his great charisma, he gathered a group of film professionals from different countries to train his people and work in Venezuela. Many of them settled down and were a great contribution to our country. Nine high quality feature films were produced; one which won a prize in the Cannes Festival amongst the best in the film industry.

Throughout his well-lived 63 years he cherished many treasures: a beautiful family, his beloved Bolívar Films - this year celebrating its 68th anniversary - the production of the “Noticiario” (news report), nine feature films, his lifetime friends, etc.

The trajectory of this valuable character left us a precious legacy thanks to his effort and the confidence to achieve his goal, always demonstrating great compromise with his motherland.

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