Bolívar Films, the cinematographic company with the largest trajectory in Venezuela, was founded in October 14th, 1940 by Luis Guillermo Villegas Blanco. He dreamed of having a “Little Hollywood” in Venezuela, and brought the best technicians, artists, directors, and photographers of many Latin-American countries, where the film industry was on a successful track.

Besides being a producer, processing laboratory, film post-production and sound studio, Bolívar Films has also produced high quality feature films and won many important prizes. For example, “La Balandra Isabel Llegó esta Tarde” won the first prize in photography in 1951´s Cannes Festival, competing with the traditional film producing countries.

At the same time some documentaries were produced, as well as El Noticiario, our news report, in a continuous basis since 1946, which allowed us to have the best film library in Venezuela.

Later on, Bolívar Films broke in publicity production and obtained various prizes along the years.
Almost seventy years later, at the new millennium, we have a highly qualified team for every area, with continuous training, experience and love for their work.

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